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Posted by Ann Clemons on July 4, 2013
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Excerpt from Wild Spirits: Running with the Herd

“You are safe, little one.”  It was the voice. The one that seemed to come out of nowhere. “Remember,” it echoed in her head, “remember.”

Remember? What? she wondered.

The hawk shifted position on its tree branch and something floated down between the leaves and landed softly on one of the tree roots. Elena watched it fall without moving from her perch on the water tank. She stared at the feather.

“Remember,” the voice in her head whispered. She thought she heard drum beats again, but this time it was her heart beating out the rhythm that she heard pounding in her ears.

Slowly she rose and walked to the tree.  Crouching down, one knee on the ground, she picked up the feather.

“Remember.” This time it was her own voice that whispered. She looked up in the tree. She remembered, then, her mother’s voice.

“We are all related, Elena. Every living thing on Mother Earth. We are all One. For everything you take, it is right to give something in return and to express gratitude.”

“Thank you, hawk, for honoring me.” Elena wished she had something to give back to honor hawk’s gift. Looking around, she saw some long pieces of Hawk’s tail hair that had gotten caught on the fence. She had a plan.

The horse watched her closely as she stepped past him to the hairs and pulled them free from the fence. She noticed that he didn’t move away, even though she had passed closer to him than she had ever been.

Wild Spirits

Posted by Ann Clemons on July 3, 2013
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grazing horses

Grazing with the herd

Two wild spirits – Elena, a teenager in the foster system, and Hawk, an orphaned and emaciated wild stallion — forge an unlikely friendship in this story of self discovery.

This almost 71,000 word novel, for adults of all ages, gives a fictional and yet very real account of life in the foster system and the fate of captured wild spirits in today’s society.

After her parents are killed in a car accident, Elena, at the age of ten, is taken away from her home on a reservation in Arizona and placed in the foster system. She is labeled a runner after escaping several urban foster situations and trying to hitch hike back to her desert home.

Her last chance placement before being sent to a detention center is a high desert ranch in New Mexico, where she meets George and Sally Layton on George’s family ranch. She also meets Hawk, an older, emaciated wild stallion who has lost his family, his herd, due to a government round up and mustang auction.

Elena finds ancient ruins while hiking on the mesa above the Layton ranch and learns much about herself and her cultural history and teachings through her visits to these ruins. In discovering more about her past, Elena finds a path opening to her future. The two wild spirits, Hawk and Elena, find they have much in common, as do all creatures on this earth.