Clinics, workshops and lessons.

The latest trend that I find interesting is riders quitting their regular lesson program….or never starting one…in favor of jumping from one clinic to another. There are many problems with this.

A lack of consistency will stall the learning process if you do not have a solid base already in place. Riders that have been studying the art of horsemanship for years should have a good base of knowledge and will be able to pick and choose from the ever growing pool of trainers, clinicians, and wanna be professionals, to find something/someone to compliment their present program.

Every trainer is individual and different. Even if they work in the same discipline, their path in getting to where they are now will not be the same as another’s. If a rider does not have the experience and groundwork to know where they are going, then laying down hundreds of dollars for a weekend with yet another clinician could wind up being a total waste of money, and a miserable experience.

How do you know what you need if you don’t know where you are or what you are lacking?

How will you know which clinician to choose if you don’t know what you and your horse need?

If you have trouble adding 2 +2…chances are you will have little understanding of Algebra.

In other words…the knowledge you take with you to a clinic is going to determine how much knowledge you leave with.

I know of very few clinicians that are going to put you on a longe line without stirrups to teach you to sit the trot. That is the kind of thing you learn at home with your regular instructor through consistent practice and preparation. Being able to sit the trot properly will open the door for you to learn how to use your seat in an unlimited number of ways for many disciplines.

You aren’t going to learn how to half-halt, collect, have the proper use of leg aids, do slide stops…or..? The list goes on and on of the things that require the correct use of seat. So if you go to a clinic and don’t have correct use of seat, there could be ┬ámany new and wonderful teachings that you won’t understand or be capable of doing.

Be prepared! Do your work! Find a professional to help you lay your ground work so that all of those wonderful traveling clinicians/trainer/horse whisperers out there can share their talents with riders that can appreciate and enjoy what they have to offer.