Mustang sunset

Mustang sunset

When did the human species start losing respect?

I mean…respect for each other, respect for the other species and life forms, respect for the planet and all of creation?

It is as though we have a set agenda to destroy everything that is good, necessary , or beautiful. it is as though we are out to destroy all life! Is that bred into our DNA?

The human race has destroyed civilization after civilization. Following the same patterns every time.  WHY?

What is so difficult about living gently upon our Earth? Where has love and compassion gone to hide in these times of fear and anger and excess?

Why have machines and technology come to mean more to humans than any life?

Whatever gave us the idea that we have the right to destroy life on a whim? All life comes from the same origin….no matter which story you believe in. Everything alive on this Earth was born to it from the same source. So what gives humans the right to destroy?

Other creatures; the bear, the lion, the coyote pass by and rarely leave a trace of their passing. Are humans so very insecure that we must leave our footprints everywhere?

We have created so much excess, both animate and inanimate, that we don’t know what to do with it all. So now the Earth is covered in piles of toxic garbage. We have unwanted children. Unwanted horses, dogs, cats…..abandoned, starved, abused….and still we want and make MORE….and MORE.   What is driving  the need for MORE? Create it, buy it, use it, throw it away…….

I believe that humans have lost the art of fulfilling their need for more by going within and looking to their dreams.

I believe that is why we were created with the need for more. Not to continually consume Earth’s resources…but to reach deep within ourselves to create from the gifts we were born with. To create beauty, grace, compassion and fulfillment of life.

i believe we were meant to procreate our gifts, and to share those gifts with the rest of creation. To celebrate life…to walk in the joy of each other’s beauty and accomplishment.

To fulfill your need for MORE….look to your dreams!